Introducing skiing to a child: Practice together

Introducing skiing to a child for the first time is an exciting prospect, but carries with it the secret dread that ours might be the one laying in the middle of the piste – beating their firsts on the snow amid tears and tantrums. Here are a few tips to make that introduction as smooth as possible:

Practice together: Once they’ve enjoyed some lessons and got the general gist, feel free to practice with them. Having lessons full time will likely exhaust your little one, chomp into precious family time and is not really necessary – especially at very young ages. Speak with their instructor after lessons and find out specific ways you can practice with you kids. It may be constant Snowplough demonstrations or games to encourage turning, but putting mileage on what they learn in lessons is something you can do together and will allow for a quicker progression during their next lesson.The most important thing is for them to enjoy the experience and create positive memories. Take a deep breath, be patient and enjoy watching them discover, learn and love it.

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