Introducing skiing to a child: Take Lessons

Introducing skiing to a child for the first time is an exciting prospect, but carries with it the secret dread that ours might be the one laying in the middle of the piste – beating their firsts on the snow amid tears and tantrums. Here are a few tips to make that introduction as smooth as possible:

Take lessons: Now that the ground work has been set, it’s time to give it a try. While I fully agree that ski lessons are not the right choice for everyone at every time, this occasion is certainly a must. Moreover, you may just save yourself some sanity from trying to teach your own. When parents teach their kids it often impedes their willingness to give it a try because hanging onto dad’s legs seems more appealing than trying to stay on top of two slippery skis that are pointing down a hill. Their new instructor on the other hand? They may just choose the hill. They’ll often be so intrigued by this new world that they forget their separation anxiety or nerves all together. Therefore, I can’t emphasize enough the advantage of parents keeping their distance during lessons; by all means watch and savor every moment – but do so from a sneaky distance.

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