How to Prepare for Your Lesson:

Step One: Book a Lesson

When you decide to try skiing or snowboarding, we highly recommend signing up for a lesson with a professional instructor. Taking lessons is the best way / fastest way to learn because the pros teach you how to develop good techniques right from the start.

Choose a date to take a lesson on our online booking form. It’s easy to add a lesson. We recommend booking a lesson for the first day of the vacation so you start your trip off on the right foot. Be sure to factor in transportation time and parking when selecting the time of your lesson so you do not feel rushed upon arrival. You can book your lesson from ONLINE BOOKING FORM.

Step Two: Book Rentals

Most of the first timers don’t have own ski or snowboard gears, add rental ski set (skis, boots and poles) or snowboard set (snowboard and boots) in your shopping cart on our online booking form. For those dates you are talking lessons, we offer discounted rental price of upto 44% off.

Also, it will help you not to carry around your gears from your hotel to our ski resort.
You can leave your rentals at our school centre when you leave for the next day for those guests who are taking multiple day lessons.

Step Three: Inventory Gear

It is important that you are warm, dry and comfortable when you are talking a lesson. Opt for moisture-wicking synthetic or wool fabrics instead of cotton. Dressing in layers is the best way to regulate body temperature; layers can be added or removed throughout the day as needed.

From the bottom up, you’ll want to gather the following items:

            * Ski or snowboard socks

            * Long underwear base layers for top and bottom

            * Mid-layer top, such as a fleece (between Dec to Feb)

            * Waterproof jacket and pants

            * Gloves or mittens and a backup pair

               (available to rent at our school center but booking advance required)

            * Helmet (available to rent at our school center but booking advance required) or Beanie

            * Goggles (available to rent at our school center but booking advance required)

            * Lip balm and sunscreen if it’s a sunny day

This is Hakuba47 School Centre

Step Four: Arrive at the Mountain
Please check your free shuttle bus schedule to Hakuba47 in adance not to miss your lesson. Your first stop when you arrive at the mountain will be the front desk at Hakuba47 School Centre. Our School Centre is located in front of the Bus Rotary. Please come to Hakuba47 School Centre at least 30 min prior to the lessons. (For guests renting gears, please come at least 60 min prior to the lessons.) At the counter, you tell your name. You’ll also fill out a form that will help the staff fit you with the right rental equipment if you have booked to rent gears. This form is the rental agreement, and it will ask for your height, weight, age, ability level and shoe size (so you get the correct equipment).

Step Five: Rent Equipment
Getting your rental equipment is a step-by-step process in itself. Our rental shop is located First up are the boots. Your feet do a lot of work when they are strapped onto skis and boards, so it’s important to get ski or snowboard boots that fit properly. Let the staff show you how to use the buckle or lacing system. Once you have a good fit, bring your boots and rental form over to the ski counter to pick up a pair of skis and poles or to the snowboard counter to pick up a board. The technicians will adjust the ski and board bindings according to the information on your form and may ask you a few questions to help them get it just right. Staff will also help skiers choose the pole length that allows the elbow to rest at a right angle when the skier is gripping the pole.

Step Six: Buy Lift Pass
Everybody except first timer,please prepare your lift ticket if you don’t have any yet at the ticket centre which is between school centre to rental shop.
For kids under 5, you can ski free so please get lift pass even though you are the first timer. 1,000 yen deposit will be required but it will be return at the end of the day.
For other first timer, we’ll advice you to buy which tickets suite you during the lessons, so please do not buy one.

Step Seven: Take the Lesson
After stowing your street boots in a locker along with any other items you don’t need to take along, head outside to the meetup area, which is above the kids / first timer slopes in front of the school centre. Instructors will greet you and ask you some questions like “Have you ever skied before?” or “When was the last time you tried snowboarding?” These questions help instructors determine your level of ability so they can place you in the right group or tailor a private lesson. Then it’s off you go—your instructor will take it from there and guide you through your lesson.

Hakuba47 Ski Camp in Gassan

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