Personal Responsibility

Hakuba47 Ski Academy International


Agreement of Parent / Guardian required if participant is under 18


Please read the conditions carefully and agree to them prior to the lesson.

  1. I understand that there are some risks, such as unforeseeable or unavoidable injury to myself or a third party while I am taking ski/snowboard lessons. Also, I understand that skiing/snowboarding invoices some risks caused by natural severities, and I accept these natural circumstances and risks.
  2. I have neither health problem nor injuries that would effect my ability to participate in ski lessons.
  3. I understand and will follow the rules of Hakuba47, and ski/snowboard at my own risk.
  4. Exclusion of liability: Hakuba47 Ski Academy International shall not be held liable due to the following causes.
    1. Incidents or accidents caused by carelessness on your part, including collision with a third party
    2. Incidents or accidents caused outside of the instructor’s control, such as the carelessness of a third party who was not involved in lessons;
    3. Loss or damage to rental or personal belongings;

I understand all of the conditions above and I agree to them by making an online payment.

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