Guest Book 2016-2017

Sam 09/01/2017
Hakuba47 Ski Academy is the best lesson we have ever had. Our instructor was fun, knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you so much. PERFECT!!

Geraldine 09/01/2017
Thank you so much Hide! You taught us some great techniques and made learning fun and easy! Highly recommended!

Jason 07/01/2017
Excellent ski instructors. Professional in all aspects of teaching. Fantastic for beginners. I learnt a great deal with Kai and Peter. I now feel ready to progress!

Jack 07/01/2017
Our instructors were the best teachers I’ve ever had. They were very clear and loved teaching. I can’t wait to come back. Jack 07/01/2017

Rhonda 07/01/2017
Friendly staff. Great slopes. Terrific teaching. Ever got a fantastic coffee after. Would highly recommended. Rhonda 07/01/2017

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