Powder Experience (Tree Riding)


Powder Experience (Tree Riding Zone / Tree Zone Experience)
Within the official boundaries of Hakuba47 resort there are some ‘members only’ tree riding zones.
If you are riding an unpatrolled tree riding zone for the first time, this might be a good program for you as there are some crevasse and drops to deal with. Our instructors will take you to the members’ only tree riding zones when they are open and teach you how to start riding in the deep powder.

2 hours: from 20,000 yen
3 hours: from 30,000 yen

* For intermediate or above riders (age above 20 years old)
* For youth, over 12 yrs old and over 150cm in height with patent attendance is the condition.
* Both ski and snowboard instructors are available

* The price above is for up to 3 people. There is a 4,000 yen charge for each extra person


For more information about Hakuba47 Tree Riding Zone